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Wood is a material that can be used to make almost every idea for stairs, from classic models to the newest and even fancy ones. Shape of wooden stairs is decided mostly by their structure, but in each variant it will be light, easy to make, and always looking very impressive. Wooden stairs can also become an important element of interior arrangement as you can develop space under them in interesting way.

We make wooden stairs with both self-supporting and concrete structure in classic or modern style. All executions are carried out on customer’s individual request. In our offer you will find modern, flexible, and classic stairs.


Each woodwork manufactured by us, such as wooden windows or doors, is unique and designed according to customer’s taste.
We carry out unusual requests concerning both internal and external doors, as well as wooden windows. This concerns both dimensions and design.

External wooden doors

We make external wooden doors to be durable and aesthetic while providing a sense of safety. Doors made by our company have a thickness of 3.8 centimetres and higher. They are made from wood selected by you. Doors are painted with paints resistant to influence of atmospheric factors thanks to which they look as new even after many years.

Internal wooden doors

We make internal wooden doors from glued laminated wood selected by you. Any pattern according to customer’s vision is allowed. We use milk glass, toughened glass, bevelled glass, and sandblasted glass to manufacture doors.


Wooden windows manufactured by us can be installed in both new and already existing buildings. They are made from solid wood, from domestic and exotic species, and in various patterns and types.


Increasingly more people chooses natural wooden flooring with exceptional aesthetics and innovative structure adjusted to floor heating. Wooden floors present themselves perfectly in living room, bedroom, or children’s room. Natural wooden floor creates a cosy house atmosphere and gives a possibility to feel natural heat of wood under your feet. Correctly selected colour of wooden floor in your house creates a unique interior climate.

In our offer we possess wooden floors made on individual request. You can choose wooden flooring with various structure, width and length, and rich selection of colours.

Oaken floors are made from wood of highest quality and appropriately selected elements prepared for production allow to achieve high quality of our wooden floors.

Wooden floor is also popular among owners of hotels, restaurants, or cafes.

Do you seek the most appropriate wooden floor? Experienced specialists from Menuiserie Robert will help you in selection of wooden floor, which not only will perfectly fit the interior, but will also meet your highest expectations.

Wooden floors will serve you for decades…


carpentry repairs

We also handle any carpentry repairs. We replace tabletops and kitchen cabinets in already existing developments. We replace skirting boards. We adjust existing doors and windows that give you a problem when closing or opening them. We replace locks in doors to three- and five-point locks. We also replace mechanisms and furniture elements in already existing development, such as: hinges, rails, cargo, doors, single furniture pieces, etc.

We also carry out any other carpentry repair works.

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If you are interested in our offer or you are searching for unusual services not listed in our offer or want to repair existing furniture call or write to us. We are able to meet any carpentry request.

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